Parents Info

Family Friendly Program

  • Children are the “real winners” when there is a partnership between parents and school. Research shows us that this home- school collaboration will help improve the child’s development and competence.
  • At Creative Beginnings, we understand that parent’s schedules may be hectic. We also realize that parents want a program that works with them “up close and personal” in a team effort. Our goal is to build that relationship so that we feel a mutual trust and respect for one another.

Some of our family oriented activities are:

  • Parents initiate a child’s entry into our program by frequent classroom visits with their child beforehand.
  • Parents are always welcome to visit or call our center at any time.
  • Parents are invited to our “back to school” night in September. All parents are given a roster of classmates and a school handbook with a yearly calendar of events.
  • Several Saturday family- school trips are scheduled throughout the year.
  • Parent teacher conferences are scheduled.
  • Special event days inviting family members. (Parents Day, Mother’s Day, Fathers Fun Day)
  • Full school graduation party with outdoor barbeque, art show and musical.


Daily Schedule