Pre-kindergarten Program

Our daily classroom activities are integrated into the various areas of learning throughout the day in each class. Some of the areas are:

  • Art: various materials are readily available for each child to express themselves creatively in art with emphasis being on enjoyment and process as opposed to “cookie cutter” products.
  • Art appreciation:  We choose a different artist each month to learn about style, color, and textures.   Our pre-k classes are introduced to the great artists from the Renaissance to Pop-art.
  • Music: children enjoy learning new songs each week and we also have fun with “music and movement” each day. We also do a lot of dancing and marching. Appropriate listening music from CD’s help create a pleasing classroom atmosphere.
  • Science Technology:  The hands on exploration and direct interaction with our environment help each child create an awareness of their world. Our three acre property and organic children’s garden is the logical place for science to start. We study many kinds of animals, insects and environments. We hatch eggs and enjoy visits from the nature center.
  • Language and Reading: Our whole language program involves listening, speaking, reading and writing with the child’s abilities and interests. This literacy program incorporates a print rich classroom integrating the children’s experiences and knowledge into the program.   Children learn to correctly write letters and numbers.  We have an extensive library with a variety of books to be read to the children every day.
  • Math: a variety of hands on math tools are in the classes for daily use and play. The block area is the most important toys, games and puzzles for the children to sort, count, measure, order and organize. Many of the computer CD’s incorporate math activities.
  • Outdoor Play: There are plenty of opportunities to free play outdoors. We have climbers, tricycles, sand boxes, ball playing, swings and many other fun group games. We play outside year- round, weather permitting.
  • Each classroom is equipped with housekeeping/pretend play kitchen area. In this area children role play the experiences they have learned in life. They have fun dressing up and sewing each other elaborate pretend meals.
  • Each day we have a group meeting time where the teacher and children greet each other more formally. At this group time concepts are presented with a language experience chart written on the daily calendar and weather chart completed. This is a good time for any group discussions.