Nursery Program

At Creative Beginnings we believe that young children learn by hands on active engagement with their environment due mostly to their natural desire to play and discover. Children are innately curious and learn by touching, observing, experimenting, crating, pretending and reacting with others.

Each day we follow a predictable schedule, including periods of active indoor and outdoor play, “group meeting time”, art projects, story time, class games and quiet rest time, lunch and snacks.  A rich learning environment of various activities and materials is in every classroom. The focus of activities is based on the children’s interests and activities emerging from the children in that particular class. Once the theme area of learning is agreed upon, plans and research help prepare the classroom for a wide variety of activities for every child to learn, enjoy and explore. We also believe in celebrating the seasons and cultural holidays and traditions.  Each day is filled with fun and enjoyable activities.

As you can see, there is a lot going on throughout each day. The early years are a very important time in a child’s life. The learning activities in each classroom are well planned, fun and enjoyable, with small challenges for each child. “Early years are the formative year. We need to make them count.” NAEYC

Some of the goals we have for each child to learn:


  • A “can do” attitude toward self.
  • Development of a strong conscience, knowledge of right and wrong.
  • Exercise self-control and regulate own emotions.
  • Become independent thinkers.
  • Develop problem solving skills.
  • Express one’s feelings to others and ideas.
  • Have good self- esteem.
  • Be enthusiastic and enjoy learning new things.


  • Learn to share and compromise.
  • Develop friendships by promoting kindness and caring for all others.
  • Develop empathy toward others.
  • Learn opportunities to communicate and resolve conflicts in acceptable ways.
  • Acceptance of all others, no matter what the differences may be.