Creative Beginnings is an independent, privately owned, early childhood center.  We offer a year round, full day program, serving the child care and educational needs of working families with children ages 18 months to 5 years old.

Our center, which is New York State licensed, strives to give the highest quality childcare and early education to each child in our program.

We are strongly committed to providing a healthy, safe, and enriched environment where children learn at their own pace using individual styles of learning and growth.  We include and support each family in the education and development of their child.

We believe:

  1. Children are innately curious and motivated to learn.  They learn best by utilizing all their senses, through a variety of experiences, and at their own pace.  Children should learn to make good choices and be able to practice this whenever possible.  Learning for young children should incorporate concrete, hands-on materials.  Imagination and creativity should also be encouraged.
  2. We foster trust in children by being gentle, fair, courteous, reasonable, and protective.  Self-confidence is built on these values. Respect for one-self and others is learned at an early age.  Positive actions and communications that promote healthy independence will lead a child to a “can do” attitude.
  3. The art of problem solving and conflict resolution needs to be taught to all children at an early age.  Children learn to negotiate through practice. They learn to be caring and empathetic by helping others and doing kind things for those in need.
  4. We practice a positive and preventive approach to discipline.  Our goal is to guide children toward the development of conscience and self-control.  Classroom limits are clear and fair.  Children are guided through problems with respect and patience.  Teaching appropriate skills of communication when having problems with other is a skill everyone needs to learn.