Health & Nutrition

The well- being and optimum health of our children and teachers are important. We take an active part if keeping ourselves healthy. The following are some of the things we do:

  1. Nutrition- Our center provides lunch and morning and afternoon snack for all children. Our meals, which we prepare and cook in our kitchen, have been approved by a nutritionist and N.Y.S. We serve wholesome foods, which includes fresh fruits and vegetables. At mealtime, we strive to create a healthy atmosphere, where children can eat as much as they want to meet their high energy needs and satisfy their appetites. Children also enjoy cooking as a classroom activity. We try to avoid junk foods. To view a copy of our menu, click MENU.
  2. Healthy Examination- N.Y.S. requires that all children attending a child care center is to have a complete medical exam yearly. All required immunizations and lead screening, is to be up to date. Click on the MEDICAL FORM to receive a blank copy.
  3. Good Health Habits:
  • Hand washing- this is one of the most important things we can do to keep ourselves healthy. Both teachers and children wash hands before eating any food and after toileting, changing diapers and wiping noses.
  • Cleanliness- having a clean and sanitary environment helps us minimize sickness. Surfaces and toys are disinfected daily by both the teachers and the cleaning staff.
  • Diaper Changing- teachers follow sanitary procedures when changing diapers. When signs of toilet training readiness appear, we work along with a parent to train a child without stress.
  • Dental Hygiene- All children brush teeth after lunch each day. Good dental hygiene habits determine the child’s dental health in the future. We also serve well balanced snacks and limit sugary foods.
  1. First Aid- we have first aid kits in each classroom and kits outdoors. Many teachers on staff are currently First aid and CPR certified.
  2. Sick Children- All children attending school each day must be healthy and free from any illness, Sick children may return to school after being fever free for 24 hours and after all the other symptoms of sickness have disappeared.
  3. Health Education- Our health education program focuses not only on physical health and safety but also on emotional health, growing and changing, and also how the environment affects us. Health education is tied to all areas of our curriculum and is part of each day’s activities and routines. Special visitor’s to the pre- k classes help the children to understand the values and importance of good health care.
  4. Outdoor Play- with three acres of property, we make good use of outdoor activities and play. Weather permitting, we go outdoors year round. Fresh air helps keep our children healthy. Playground safety is taught to our children.
  5. Rest Time- each day following lunch, all children rest or nap on their assigned cots. Rest music is played and most children sleep.
  6. Medication Administration- Creative Beginnings is a New York state licensed medication administration provider. The NYS Written Medication Consent form must be completed and signed by the doctor before we can administer medication.